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Are You in a Bad Relationship?

TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS 101: Are You always to blame even if your partner behaves badly?

toxic relationships getting out of a bad relationship TheLoveTruthAre you the problem or is it your partner? Are you willing to sacrifice your marriage for a mistake that is not yours? Why do we always argue over almost everything?

From the research of experts, the borderline personality disorder is one where the patient experiences unstable moods/behaviors and in some cases unstable relationships which is our main concern here. Basing on history, the biggest of wars were brought about by petty arguments. In the event where you and your partner always argue to the point that you seem to be getting used to it, there is a high possibility that the mistake is not always 100% them even though you know that they are the ones that are not contributing to the well-being of the marriage as expected.

Bad Relationships 101

Patients with the borderline disorder not only put the ones that are around them at risk but also themselves as they may be extreme and contemplate suicide. Cases of treatment of this disorder are very rare but they can be treated with psychotherapy and it is a sequential process and not instantaneous; the goal of the treatment is that the patients get to trust those around them apart from the therapists.

The same solution applies if your partner is a narcissist which in this case may also bring about the blame game; having a constructive conversation with them always helps one way or the other. Therapy sessions or consulting other couples as well comes in handy such that the both of you feel satisfied with whatever conclusion you come up with.