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Dealing with Toxic People

How Do You Spot Toxic People?

You will never meet a person who will announce they are toxic yet you are sure to deal with toxic people almost daily.

Fighting couples Emotional manipulation narcissistic partners toxic relationships TheLoveTruthPicture a situation where your partner gets to know that you are cheating on them and after you ask for their forgiveness, they accept you back and you promise not to repeat the mistake; however, it turns out that the two of you are not as close as you expected and there is sort of a wall that sets the two of you apart.

It may turn out that your emotions are normally triggered by small things and if this is the case, there is a possibility that you are suffering from the borderline personality disorder and you tend to make mountains out of molehills such that you relate everything to the event where your partner learnt that you were cheating on them.

Toxic People Feed on Their Victims Tolerance

It is best to understand that this emotional volatility can finally lead to the end of your marriage. Once upset, you can have quite a hard time calming down and you may go to the extreme of being reckless since as it is known, one cannot make a sane decision when they are emotional. Painful and inescapable as it may seem, there is actually a solution to this.

It is only in the past that mental health professionals assumed that the case cannot in anyway be treated but there is actually a solution to it-therapy sessions-. The best way for you to be able to cope with the situation is to talk to someone you can trust who in this case may either be your spouse or a therapist.