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The Cost of a Divorce

How Much will a divorce cost you?

There is always no happily ever after in all relationships that you get into and there comes times where a couple has to go against a storm in their marriage life.

The undisputed fact about marriage is that one is only able to open up to his/her partner when they are no longer afraid of losing them. You have to let go of the possibility of you not being able to live without them and also the fact that their non-existence in your life will sadden you.

At times, you may love your spouse so much to the extent that you tend to forget about yourself and the fact that in a marriage the both of you need to have a 50:50 contribution.

Your partner may be a narcissist and if this is the case, he/she will always strive to be the alpha in the relationship such that they will always expect you to do whatever they demand and will never in any circumstance reciprocate the love that you have for them. Though it is crystal clear that real intimacy demands a lot of sacrifice – you are expected to be vulnerable, honest and uncomfortable – if uncomfortable with the one that you are with, the solution is to either change them by say seeking the aid of a counselor or leave them; no matter how small you think your desire is to be fulfilled, you deserve it.

It is important that they know the trouble that you go through as to satisfy their needs.