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Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationships: Is your partner always putting you in “no win situations”?

One of the most difficult situations in a marriage is whereby either you or your spouse feels that they are always between a rock and a hard place. Do you normally feel unappreciated? Does your partner seem to always ignore you? Are you sacrificing more to the marriage as compared to your partner?

toxic relationships bad relationships bad marriage TheLoveTruthIn most cases, partners that put their spouses in such situations normally have either the borderline disorder or they are narcissists. The latter refers to one always being self-centered and not considering the opinions of others/egocentric/oppressive whereas the former, the victim always has unstable moods, behaviors and relationships.

How Toxic is your Relationship

If such situations are not taken care of as soon as they are detected, the marriage normally ends up in a divorce and in the long run it is the children that end up suffering for the decisions of the parents. A narcissist will always put themselves first and no matter how hard you try to satisfy them and meet their interests, they will under no circumstances do the same for you.

The best thing to do in such a situation is see a counsellor and ensue that the discussion is neither a blame game not either of you trying o justify their actions but rather you ought to come to a mutual agreement. People are however not all the same and change does not come instantaneously but it is rather a process; be patient with your spouse and assist them as they transition to being better partners for the sake of the love for your kids and the love that you have for them.