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Victimhood Culture in Relationships

Does he/she always play the victim?

Does he always make you feel as though you are on the wrong? Why do I keep up with all the wrongs he does? Should I entertain his misdoings because I love him?

toxic relationships bad relationships bad marriage TheLoveTruthEmotional bullies are one of the worst when it come s to bullying since despite having it mind that they are always on the wrong. If your partner is one who is self-victimized, he will always end up winning the argument by making you feel bad; those around you will also feel bad for them and end up blaming you for whatever is wrong in your marriage. Self-victimization puts you in a situation where your empathy is taken advantage of by your partner and under no circumstances are you going to bear the thought of leaving them.

In some extreme cases, even going to a therapist is not a solution to the disagreements that you have since they may even manipulate the counselor. Self-victimization is also characterized with the borderline personality disorder where he cannot be able to stay in a stable relationship and they are as well always emotional and too moody. Apart from this, they are as well egocentric such that they will always corner you against the wall and give you no chance of speaking what you feel.

It is best that you seek the advice of a counselor in such a case since they may have dealt with such a case in the past; you ought to however have it in mind they change of heart cannot be expected to occur instantaneously but it does so with time.